Bournelis Park, Corner of Superior and Cass Streets

Corner of Superior and Cass Streets, Albion Michigan

Bournelis Park, on the right of this photo, is located where Cass Street crosses Superior Street in Albion Michigan. This corner could be called the “center of Albion.”  West Cass Street runs to the left, and East Cass Street runs to the right.  North Superior Street runs to the top of the photo, and South Superior Street is below, out of sight.

You can see Kalamazoo River on the right, near Bournelis Park, and then it disappears on the left due to the fact that it runs under the brick street in the spot where the street is made of cement.  The river also runs under the Ludington Center, at 101 N. Superior Street, that was recently renovated by Albion College.


Pete Bournelis who owned Bournelis Shoe Repair, an Albion downtown business from sixty years ago, is the namesake of the little corner park.  The location is the site of a decorated tree in the Christmas season, and of community singing at both Fete de la Musique and Albion Aglow.

Superior Street was paved with asphalt bricks in 1903, and red bricks in 1910 and may be the longest continuously maintained brick street in Michigan, as it To learn more about the bricks, here is an article by Frank Passic:

Kent Davis took his photo was taken Dec. 14, 2017.