Neighborhood Watch


Q – Why get involved?
A – So you can get to know your neighbors and make your neighborhood more secure.

Q – How to do this?
A – Talk to them, look out for each other.

More ideas:

  • Learn the names of your neighbors nearby.
  • Write them down on the chart below, along with their cell phone numbers. (will post chart soon)
  • Get to know something about them, a hobby, their kids’ names.
  • Join the Albion NextDoor program at
  • NextDoor will invite your neighbors for you.
  • Later, your neighbors may help watch your house when you are away.
  • has other ideas including car pooling, help with missing pets
  • Get notices from Albion Public Safety by signing up at [expand title=”See More” swaptitle=”Close”]The Albion Department of Public Safety has partnered with Nixle in order to provide more timely information to the community. By using Nixle ADPS will be able to message the community through a variety of platforms all at the same time. A Nixle message will be posted to the Department’s Facebook page, the Department’s NEW Twitter account, through email and by text alert. You as a recipient can sign up through Nixle and choose the way you receive your messages including 3 different levels of messaging. The three levels are Alert, Advisory and Community. With Nixle, you can choose how you receive each of these message levels. For instance, you can receive Alert messages through text while only getting Advisory and Community messages in your email. You can also chose not to sign up for Nixle and only get the messages on Facebook and/or Twitter. Nixle also allows for anonymous information to be sent to ADPS about incidents and crimes. It is my hope we can provide everyone in the community with timely information to incidents that affect all of us. The command staff at ADPS is dedicated to getting you the information as soon as possible, but at times it will be difficult for officers in the field to take the time to notify the community while actively involved in the incident. We are working to implement the use of Nixle as quickly as possible. The service is active and you can sign up for alerts that will be put out through Nixle effective immediately. The number of messages sent though Nixle will increase as the command staff receives training on the use of Nixle and what information needs to be sent out. I hope everyone finds this service to be helpful and please feel free to provide feedback or ask questions about the service. Please share the information about Nixle with family and friends in Albion who might not otherwise receive this letter.
    Chief Scott Kipp[/expand]
  • You can also submit an anonymous tip to Albion Public Safety thru Nixle here
  • More information is at:

You can also get Nixle alerts from the Calhoun County Sheriff’s office. These are usually about weather, although there was also an earthquake alert not long ago.  These messages might come in a little earlier than the Albion alerts.  Here is the page about past Sheriff alerts.  You can also text your ZIP CODE to 888777 for mobile alerts as explained on the same link.

The American Molder

Occupational Monument by sculptor Ed Chesney.The American Molder is an “Occupational Monument” designed to be a tribute to the craftsmen and laborers of the Albion community.  It was designed by sculptor Ed Chesney.   He was able to portray a non-racial appearance of the face on the Molder, in order to honor hard working people of all races that were employed by the iron companies.  The sculpture is located across the street from the Albion Post Office at the intersection of Michigan Ave. and Superior St.  A quote by James Russell Lowell on the plaque reads:

“No man is born into the world whose work is not born with him. There is always work, and tools to work with, for those who will, and blessed are the thorny hands of toil.”

Occupational Monument by sculptor Ed Chesney.  There is another sculpture in Albion by this same artist at the Gerstacker Institute of Albion College.

Visit the artist’s website:

Albion Events

P7030166_300From the Cardboard Classic in January to the Lessons and Carols in December, there are exciting events in the community and at the college for entertainment and socializing.  In this site we will highlight the major events and show why Albion is a melting pot in miniature and a great place to raise a family.


This is one 8 foot panel in a 56 foot long mural in the bank drive thru next to FirstMerit Bank downtown, next to the Bohm Theatre.  It shows the brick streets of Albion, and the river, and the sledding hill.  The mural runs from winter through the seasons to fall.

Albion River of Time Mural (1 year in Albion)

Victory Park Bandshell Concerts

Albion was founded at the Kalamazoo River “forks” near Reiger Park pond.
Did you know that Albion has more public parks per capita than any other U.S. city? Visit Albion parks for some healthy summer fun: try disc golf at Victory Park & hike the Albion River Trail.

July 3, enjoy music, a pig roast at the American Legion Hall, plus fireworks!


We hope to revive the Albion Neighborhood Watch groups. For more info, visit: -or- our new site that is mobile friendly at www.AlbionMich.NET/general

The older versions of the General Guide – prior to July 2015 – are still at www.AlbionMich.COM/general

Below are some posts related to the General Guide to Albion – July/August Issue XI – the Parks Edition.

History from the Recorder – the Murder of Senator Hooper

The Recorder has covered many critical issues since it was first established in 1886.  With their permission, we are sharing some of the top stories here.

This story of the 1945 murder of Senator Hooper gives details of Michigan’s oldest murder mystery.

Check back for new and old information coming here soon.

To subscribe to the Recorder, or to give a subscription as a gift, please call 517-629-0041.  Price is still $48 per year.

Proposed Hotel for Downtown Albion

Heard about the Hotel in downtown Albion?

shovel-soil2January 2015 – Lots of things coming up in these cold months. In this issue of the guide we mention some interesting happenings in Albion that occurred in the month of December. The Brownfield Project for Albion downtown was discussed at a recent city council meeting. This would involve a new 72 room hotel. The video of this meeting has been posted by the city.

Here is a YouTube video, starting at minute 2 – and the meeting about the hotel, with comments by Albion residents goes until about minute 40.

New article by Mlive: “Plan for $9.2 million hotel project in Albion approved by City Council

Here is an article by the Battle Creek Enquirer about the project.

We will be posting more links and events as it becomes available…

Aerial View of Albion 1993 Cards

Notecards and invitations with this aerial view of Albion from 1993 are now available from You can customize these cards on the inside. There are many options including postcards. These make great invitations for special events. We’ll be adding more cards of Albion to this store for greetings and invitations.

Click on the name Maggie LaNoue to see other products that you can customize with art of Albion and Michigan.