Festival of the Forks 2018 – the Food


The turn out for the Festival of the Forks 2018 in Albion was large compared to recent years.  People wanted to see the new brick streets (that took TWO YEARS to finish, they wanted to see the new Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, the new Albion Malleable Brewing Co., but the biggest attraction for the Festival of the Forks is, ironically, food.  Even though the Forks that are mentioned in the name “Festival of the Forks”  do not refer to eating at all.
Below we offer a few photos of the fine ethnic cuisine that is offered at the Festival of the Forks.

The Morning Parade – Festival 2018

The morning of Saturday, September 22, 2018 was clear and cool, a welcome change from the previous weekend that was warm and sticky.  The turn out for the Festival was phenomenal, with the added attraction of reunions for  Albion High School, a movie at the Bohm Theatre that had a story based in Marshall (the House with a  Clock in the its Walls), and freshly redone brick streets.  

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See Festival 2018 Food by clicking here.

Festival music coming soon

Completed Bricks in Albion September 2018

Superior Street in Albion Michigan is looking good after a brick replacement process that lasted through the summers of 2017 and 2018.  The bricks and new businesses will be ready for the Festival of the Forks, the weekend of September 22, 2018.

Albion River Trail

The annual walk takes place on Labor Day 2018, at 10 a.m.  Meet in Victory Park near the River Trail sign.  This walk is handicap access friendly.  Dogs on leashes are also invited, but please bring a cleanup bag.  There are options to park and carpool at the far end of the walk by Harris Field.  Meet there at about 9:40 a.m. and carpool back to the starting point.  People often share rides back to make it easier for everyone to participate.

If it’s raining bring an umbrella.  We’ll walk unless there is a weather warning.  We’ll have bottles of water for walkers.  There will be bathrooms open at the parks along the way.

See the 2018 Labor Day River Walk event on Facebook to see who is interested or planning to attend by clicking here

See a map of the walk including points of interest along the way:

See information about History Hill at Holland Park that is an option for the walk back.  Adds about 10 minutes.

See the 2017 Albion River Trail Walk page.

See the 2016 Albion River Trail Walk page.

See information about the North Country Trail that includes the Albion River Trail but extends over 2,000 miles.

See the Albion River Trail brochure  (no motorized vehicles please.)

Albion Malleable Brewing Aerial View – August 2018

Work is progressing on the Superior Street (second) rebricking project that spans from 2017-2018.  The construction has not stopped visitors from coming to Albion to enjoy the food and beverages at Albion Malleable Brewing Company on the left of this photo by aerial photographer Kent Davis.  On the right is Homestead Savings Bank.  In the distance on the left Parks Pharmacy can be seen, the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in the next block and Cascarelli’s  The bricks are actually now up to Erie St as of August 15, 2018.  This photo was taken one week prior.   We’ll get another shot once the bricks are complete.


See the Brewery Open House – Spring 2018

Art and Purple Gang locations near the Albion River Trail

  • albion_michigan_art_trail_map_800px
    This Interactive Google Map shows several types of locations near the Albion River Trail.  There are custom icons and layers with information associated with each marker.  Access by clicking on the markers.
  • Art near the Albion River Trail
  • Purple  Gang locations near the Albion River Trail
  • Albion Parks and their location marked along with the  Albion River Trail.
  • See more information on the Albion River Trail link in the upper menu.

General Guide to Summer Outdoor Fun


The General Guide showcases cultural places and events along the I-94 corridor between Battle Creek and Jackson, including Albion, Marshall, and Homer.

The primary focus of the Guide is to build bridges between Albion and Marshall by sharing information that welcomes people into each community.

Since gasoline prices are a bit higher this year than they were a year ago, many families are opting out of larger vacations and going on day-trips along the I-94 corridor for fun and entertainment. The General Guide can help to figure out what places to go to on what day. The Guide is designed to be posted on a refrigerator showing the three months calendars and art of “Summer in the City” as the banner design.

Summer in the Cities banner for General Guide XXXII shows events in July, August, and September in Calhoun County Michigan. These include the Field of Flight and Balloon show in Battle Creek, the Battle Creek Bombers, Albion Recreation Department, Marshall Blues Fest, Kanoe the Kazoo, Calhoun County Fair in Marshall, Yard Sales, Cruise-ins, Swingin at the Shell, Back to School including Albion College with the Equestrian Center, Briton Eight, 5K runs, and Marshall Public Schools.

One of the most exciting recurring events this summer is the 15th anniversary season of “Swingin’ at the Shell,” the free concert series at the Victory Park bandshell on Sundays at 6 p.m. This ongoing event goes from mid-July through mid-September and features top local music bands that play original and cover songs.

Many people in Michigan know about the Mackinac Labor Day Bridge Walk, but the Albion Labor Day River Trail Walk over the Bridge is also gaining in popularity. This event starts in Victory Park at 10 a.m. on Labor Day and will be promoted more as the big day draws near. The walk is open for people with all levels of mobility.

Swingin’ Musical Artists Bios

See details about the musical artists chosen for the 2018 Swingin’ at the Shell free concert series.  Concerts are held from mid-July through mid-September at the beautiful Victory Park bandshell.  To see the bios of the artists, click here.


Recreation Millage 2018

The Election on August 7 includes an opportunity for Albion residents to increase funding for the Recreation Department and Senior Services.  The exact ballot language of this item is:

ALBION CITY RECREATION MILLAGE PROPOSAL Shall the City of Albion increase the current levy to a total of two mills ($2.00 per $1,000.00) on taxable value of property located in the City of Albion for three years beginning with the 2019 tax levy year and running through the 2021 tax levy year (inclusive), which in the first year of such tax levy will raise an estimated revenue of One Hundred Seventy Two Thousand Dollars ($172,000.00) used for the specific purpose of continuing operation of City of Albion recreation programs for young people, adults, families, and senior citizens? Taxes within the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) districts will be distributed as prescribed by law. If approved, this would be an additional one-half increase of the current millage levy.

This information is posted on the Calhoun  County website at this location:


If this millage passes – how will it affect the taxes on a $50,000 home?  Keep reading at the bottom to find out!

If this millage passes, it will support the Albion Community Center, the Albion Senior Center and many recreational programs for our city – programs such as Adult Flag Football, the Cardboard Classic Sled Race, Adult Water Aerobics, the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Youth and Adult Basketball, Dad and Daughter and Mother and Son Dances, Youth Baseball and T-Ball, Swimming Lessons, as well as a full range of social and recreational activities for seniors.

Supporters say that programs for young people are especially important as they help our youth forge an Albion identity and form lasting relationships.

As per the Deputy/Clerk-Treasurer of Albion:

“If a home has a market value of $50,000 that would mean a taxable value of one half that, or $25,000. The proposed new recreation millage would be $25,000 / 1,000 = 25, times the proposed new 2 mills = $50 per year. However, please remember, there is an existing 1.5 mills levied for recreation, so the actual proposed increase would only be on the extra half a Mill (going from 1.5 to 2.0 Mills).

An older debt service millage has expired this year. On this same $50,000 home, the 2018 tax bill would decrease by $25 per year just due to this 1 Mill expiring. In addition, the flat $50 per property Sidewalk Assessment ended this year as well – this would result in an additional $50 per year savings for this same $50,000 home.  So in summary, if all of these changes happened on the same year, like this year for example, it would look like this:

Proposed new half a Mill increase in the Recreational Millage = a $12.50 increase per year above the current 1.5 Mills currently charged on a home with a market value of $50,000;

Reduction  from the expired 1 Mill Debt Service Millage – a decrease in $25 per year on a home with a market value of $50,000;

Reduction from the flat $50 parcel Sidewalk Assessment Program – a decrease of $50 per year on every real parcel in town, regardless of value;

The NET change would be a DECREASE of $62.50 per year on a home with a taxable value of $25,000 and/or a market value of $50,000.”