Albion Prime Images

We couldn’t show the famous Albion images without showing Albion College.

Below are some favorite spots from there.

And another very well know Albion icon is the Victory Park Bandshell, that gathers community members and visitors for a relaxing evening on Sunday nights in July and August.

Marshall Rotary Band
July 29, 2018

Albion’s Train Depot is a favorite building for both visitors and residents of Albion.

Perhaps lesser known, is the ubiquitous (found everywhere here in Albion) Black  Squirrel.  Albion College has started to put it onto their marketing materials.


Albion once had a Celebrity Black Squirrel dinner that often had props and door prizes related to black squirrels.


There was once an idea to have a roadside attraction featuring the World’s Largest Black Squirrel.  A good location might be near the train depot which is also along the “Hub of Trails” that Albion is becoming known for.

and one more color for Albion is the color Purple.

As in Albion College purple and also the Purple Gang, that used to frequent downtown Albion.  Some people talked about having the first Friday of each month being a time to wear purple and go to the Bohm Theatre.  Or to dress like a Purple Gang member wearing hats, or leather, or a dress.  It might be more of a theme if we followed that color.