Albion’s 17 Parks

Albion has 17 official parks plus several areas that are similar to parks like the Albion Dog Park.

Albion once had the claim of parks per capita than any other city but has been beaten out by Cathlamet WA, according to this letter to the editor there.

However, with over 8,000 residents and an ivy league small college, and cultural diversity, Albion still has amenities that might be preferable to a small town of 500 residents. Albion also may now have the claim to the world’s largest Coca-Cola Mural, so we’ll be posting more information about that shortly.

With more people working from home than ever before, it is helpful to get into nature and away from stress to recoup. Browse some stories about Albion’s 90 acres of parks.

Learn more about Holland Park Transformation and other Black History in this section

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Albion River Trail

Click the photo above to see the photos from Labor Day Albion 2019 – Walk the Trail. Labor Day Albion – Walk the Trail takes

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Browse this interactive Map of Albion Parks that also shows some walking tours including the Purple Gang Walking Tour, Historical Markers, and Public Art. Use the navigation on the left panel of the map to turn on and off layers.

The interactive Google Map of the Albion River Trail also has hidden layers that you can turn on if you would like. Just click on the list icon in the upper left of the map to turn on the layers to show Historical Markers near the Albion River Trail, and public art near the trail, and the Purple Gang Tour. You can also zoom in or out to see more detail or the bigger picture. We will be adding more details to the markers in the future.

The map above shows the parks and areas that are near the Albion River Trail. When you are on the river trail, you might like to stop by to see the Holland Park Transformation project.

Learn more about Albion’s Parks from the official City of Albion website at this link:

The post above was originally created for the General Guide 2015 Parks Edition. 

Watch this site for upcoming information about Collaboration Corner (next to Biggby’s Coffee) and the Albion Dog Park, where your best friend can get out and run in a nice clean spot.