Albion Michigan Arts Group Events and Posts

This page has a variety of Arts related events shared from the Albion Michigan Arts Group on Facebook.

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Feel free to join the Albion Michigan Arts Group on Facebook, and to share your information there.  It will stream onto this page so others can see it, even if they are not on Facebook.

We especially invite musical groups to share a post to their musician’s Facebook page or for visual artists to share a link to their artist Facebook page. Likewise, we are happy to see performing artists share links to their theatre site, or to share special events on this page. We hope this page will be a resource for not only the artists but also for the patrons of the arts in Albion, Michigan.

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The Haven Hills Dairy opened in 1925 by George E. Dean upon the old William Hartung farmland he had purchased in November 1924, and was expanded to 450 acres.  It was located across from Victory Park. George Dean was the president of Union Steel Products.
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