Albion Icons – The Wave

Every town has certain themes or images that remind us of that place. An emerging decorative theme in Albion is “The Wave.” This post has a little scavenger hunt for Waves in Albion.

The image above was the plan for a mural downtown.

The green represents the grass and trees of Albion’s many parks.

The dusty pink color represents the bricks of Superior Street.

The tan pinstripe for the Albion River Trail that also runs thru Albion — along with several other trails that converge in Albion.

The blue stripe at the bottom for the Kalamazoo River that runs right through downtown Albion.

This is an example of Albion’s wave icon.

Our scavenger hunt begins

Where else can we find a wave shape in Albion?  The wave above was a form that was borrowed from an earlier mural, also in the alley that connects Superior Street to Stoffer Plaza, a.k.a. Albion’s Farmer’s Market.

Here is a photo of the “River of Hands” mural:

These are the hands of Albion Youth and this mural was painted with the oversight of Albion College Visual Art students around the “turn of the century.”  (i.e. the year 2000 or Y2K.)

Making Waves

Are there more waves in Albion?  Let’s discover them!  Close by the two wave murals in Albion’s alley to the marketplace is one of Albion’s two museums, Kids ‘N’ Stuff Children’s Museum.  Let’s look at their sign.

There is that wave again!  It looks a lot like the river again, and there is a green pinstripe that might represent land next to a river.  Maybe a trail.

Diggin’ Deeper for Waves

Less than a mile away, in one of Albion’s 19 public parks, is the Albion Victory Park Band Shell.  You won’t see the wave there on a regular day, but if you come in the summer, on a Sunday evening,  you’ll hear music before you even get to the bandshell.

It’s not far from the sledding hill, and in the middle of the disc golf course.  And near the Victory for Kids playground.

Swingin’ at the Shell

At the bottom of this logo, there is that wave again!  It is a theme of Albion that we all knew but it didn’t have a name that we used.  The wave represents the river, and Albion was founded at the forks of the river.  More about the Forks later.

Let’s close off this post with a snippet of the “River of Time” mural that is in the alley leading up to Stoffer Plaza.

River of Time Mural in downtown Albion

This used to be the bank drive-thru, but the bank closed, along with a few other things in Albion.

Huntington Bank Closes

But as we are transforming into a reborn community, it is great for us to see Albion with fresh eyes, and to learn to tell our story in a new way.


Here is one section of the 56-foot long mural that represents one year in Albion.  The snow of the winter on the far left shows an early part of the year, and people have umbrellas.

The black squirrels are out, and they are digging into their reserves, and getting a bit frisky.

In this section of the mural, one can see the horses at Albion College’s Held  Equestrian Center. The horses are jumping and also enjoying the spring weather.  The observatory and Goodrich Chapel look nice with the spring flowering trees.  In the center part of this section of the mural is also the iconic blue water tower with the word ALBION across it.  Even though the water tower is not on a hill in this mural, it is in real life as it should be.  And the Coca-Cola mural building is also part of what makes Albion unique, it is shown in the mural section above also.

On the road in the mural, young people are running for track and cross country practice on the brick street, and there are people bicycling too.  Farmers are planting.  Kids are lining up to go to Kids ‘N’ Stuff (KNS), and the wave can be seen on the KNS building in the mural, so the KNS wave was one of the first ones to be depicted in Albion.  There are people planting flowers along Albion’s main thoroughfares, as they do every year.  This year in 2019, they will plant on the morning of the 4th Saturday of May, May 25, 2019.  They need volunteers too.  So please visit the Citizen’s to Beautify Facebook page to learn how to help plant flowers and to maintain them throughout the year.

This section of the mural shows the Citizens to  Beautify Albion planting along Albion’s thoroughfares in front of Kids N Stuff, and Albion District Library.  In the center is Victory for Kids playground that was built by Albion volunteers.  To the right is a game of T-Ball – that was invented in Albion.  We’ll show links to all of those things soon.  This River of Time mural tells the story of Albion, all in a wave.

Even the Coca Cola mural building shows a little of Albion’s Wave.