Albion in the 20th Century

This book by Frank Passic has information about a number of interesting Albion themes including the Cardboard Classic, the Purple Gang, and the Festival of the Forks.  This book is a keepsake and is available as hardcover or paperback from the links shown at right.

The Albion Malleable Iron Company was the major influence in bringing hundreds of workers from eastern and southern Europe, and from southern U.S. states to Albion, Michigan, in the early 20th century. These workers established their families and lived their lives in this industrial town, which grew to become a true “melting pot” of ethnic diversity in the 20th century.

Albion in the 20th Century features more than 225 photographs from the personal collection of Albion historian Frank Passic, which chronologically show the changes in the community. The book focuses on everyday workers (including union officials and factory workers) and ball teams-plus “famous” people such as wildlife artist Lynn Bogue Hunt and writer-photographer Gwen Dew. Notable events chronicled include the capture of the Purple Gang car, the 1994 NCAA Division III Albion College Britons national football championship, and the Cardboard Classic sled race.