A difficult conversation about loss

Where do we go from here?

The Richard Piet Radio radio show in Battle Creek recorded a conversation about the difficult choice, and the events that led up to it, on Monday, May 2, 2016. The filmed recording is only 16 minutes.

The conversation was between the radio host Richard Piet, the Marshall Superintendent of Schools Dr. Randy Davis, the President of the Albion School Board Vivian Davis, and former Wildcat student Linda LaNoue.

Dr. Davis talked about a new model for the new school system with education plans for pre-Kindergarten thru grade 16 (college).  In the 4/28/16 Albion Recorder he mentioned the name of the system is not carved in stone, and that a quality pre-K thru 5th grade would be located in Albion.

Vivian Davis mentioned the relationship with Marshall, especially related to sports, had been historically antagonistic. Her first reaction to the idea of Albion students going to Marshall High School was “no way.”  She said the processes of losing a high school are similar to that of accepting a death. She spoke of the declining enrollment that led to lack of resources, lack of opportunities for the students of Albion with the existing structure. She mentioned her understanding of the frustration that is felt by all concerned.

Linda LaNoue spoke of her sadness hearing about the closing of the school she graduated from, and her difficulty in reaching her final decision to support the annexation of Albion Schools with Marshall Schools. She also mentioned the opportunities that the students of Albion have today to be competitive in a global economy.