100 Covid Deaths in Calhoun County

As of 3 p.m on Wednesday, Nov. 18, Calhoun County has a cumulative total of 4,496 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported to Calhoun County Public Health Department (CCPHD), with a total of 100 deaths attributed to the virus.

Although it took us six months to reach 50 deaths, it only took one month to reach the second 50 deaths.

The best action that individuals can take at this time is to follow the new state MDHHS orders that were issued on November 18, which can be found on Michigan.gov/coronavirus.

Some graphics from the orders are included below.

Click on the graphic to view the official source.

Links to current data on local Covid Cases

Calhoun County website which lists all COVID-19 updates and important data:

Marshall Public Schools Covid Alerts from MPS

Letter about Marshall Public Schools classes

Albion College  testing updates from Fall 2020

MI Covid Alert ap – So you can be alerted if you were near someone diagnosed with Covid.  This ap does not collect personal information.

Supporting Local Restaurants

We encourage the community to support local businesses as much as possible, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants, in particular, feel the impact of the newest state epidemic order, as they must close indoor dining for three weeks, starting today. Check out the other options from your favorite restaurants; many offer take-out, curbside pick-up, and delivery.

The Spike of Covid Cases in Calhoun County in Fall 2020

The graph below shows the current spike of Coronavirus cases in Calhoun County.

Source: https://data.lansingstatejournal.com/coronavirus-curve/calhoun-county-mi/84026025/united-states/00/

The United States did not have an overall mandate or rule that everyone had to stay home or close, and the cases for the whole U.S. (orange) started to go up earlier in the year.  They started to go up faster for the nation, in July when people had many gatherings outdoors.

But people in Michigan, and so also Calhoun County, were not allowed to have big gatherings, and so our blue line was flatter, not spiking up.

Then the law in Michigan was changed, the restaurants opened, fewer people wore masks, there were gatherings such as weddings and funerals, and a lot of people hugged each other.

The current dates, on the bottom, show the blue line for Calhoun County, and probably for Michigan as a whole, are spiking higher than ever on the far right that shows November 2020.

See a video by Calhoun County about keeping safe during this difficult time

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