Albion has a unique combination of aspects that make it a great place to visit and live.  Albion is located in southern mid Michigan along the I-94 corridor between Chicago and Detroit.  Transportation options in Albion include easy access to the interstate freeways, a train station with stops by Amtrak and Greyhound, and a new taxi cab company.  Bicyclists are enjoying the bike friendly roads, and also a riverwalk that extends through town and is part of the North Country Trail.  Albion’s brick downtown streets are the oldest and longest stretch of continuously bricked streets in Michigan.
Albion is also known for its extensive public parks, 17 parks for the Albion population and guests to enjoy. With one public park for every 600 residents, Albion has more parks per capita that any other city in the United States.  Albion also has a lively arts community, with musicians, and other performing arts, murals, sculpture, and cooking arts in evidence.  Albion has several events each year that bring together its diverse community, for ethnic feasts and a wide ranges of activities not often found in cities this size.
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Albion’s Big Read


Albion’s Big Read coming in October 2015!  Albion is one of only 75 cities nationwide that was selected for a program by the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Arts Midwest.  Albion residents will have a chance to … Continue reading →

Boutique hotel downtown groundbreaking


Albion’s biggest news in quite a while is the proposed boutique hotel downtown.  We will be posting more information about the site and official news about the groundbreaking when we can link to it.  It will be in October 2015 … Continue reading →

Unity & Diversity banners

Unity & Diversity

Festival of the Forks celebrates Albion’s Unity & Diversity. The theme is symbolized by the forks of a river. The forks of the Kalamazoo River are near the bridge in Victory Park. Read more about when the Unity & Diversity … Continue reading →

New Tools at Albion Public Schools


Albion students use wifi, ipads and tablets, cell phones  and Promethean Boards. Albion Public Schools share a high school program at Marshall Senior High. Eighth-grade graduates from both cities recently enjoyed a 2-day  overnight program called “Rising Freshmen” at Albion … Continue reading →

Albion Public Schools Rock

Albion Public Schools

Albion Public Schools have a pair of rocks near the entrance to the school building. These rocks are often painted with the school mascot, the Albion Wildcat. We don’t have information yet about the origin of the Wildcat Mascot, but … Continue reading →

Albion College Rock

Albion College Rock

Perhaps the most famous rock in Albion is the rock on the quad of Albion College campus. The Rock on the campus quadrangle has served for many years as a place for student and campus group expression on various issues … Continue reading →